Prof. Dr. A. K. M. Shahnawaz

Faculty Name:Dr. A. K. M. Shahnawaz

Ph. D.
Jadavpur University, India

M. A. in History
Jahangirnagar University

B. A. Hon's in History
Jahangirnagar University

Certificate Course in Persian
Dhaka University (Modern Language Institute) 
Office Room:SPZ 1031
Research Area:
. Basic Interest of Research: (a) Cultural Heritage of World Civilization, (b) Socio-Cultural History of Bengal.
. Research Papers (Published in research journals, books and /or presented in Seminars, conferences, etc.:
1. 'Political and Economic origin of Religious Communalism', Pratipad, A Journal for Art, Culture, Literature and Heritage, April, 2005 pp 111-132
2. 'Background of Socio-cultural History during the Sultanate Bengal with new dimension', The Bangla Academy Journal, June, 2005, pp144-158
3. 'Mosque-Madrasa complex at Bagha, A recent Archaeological Exploration', Itihas : Samakalin Oitihasikder kalame, Journal of the department of History, Jagannath University College, Dhaka, August 2004, and pp 112-118
6. Development of Cities in Bengal during Sultanate Period according to some primary sources. Journal of the Verendra Research Museum Vol. IX, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh, 2004
Teaching Area:
1. Professor in the Department of Archaeology, Jahangirnagar University, from August 28, 1999 to date.
Recent Publications:
1. Banglar Sanskriti Banglar Sabbhata (Culture and Civilization of Bengal), Dibyaprakash, Dhaka 2004
2. Dakshin Asiar Itihas (History of South Asia (to 1526). Protik Publicaiton, Dhaka 2003.
3. Mugal Mahaley (In the Mughal Harem), First Protik Publication, Dhaka, 2002
4. Mojar Itihas (Story on History), Dhaka, Protik, 2002
5. Bharat Upamahadesher Itihas, (a) Maddhaya Yug: Sultani Parba, (b) Maddhaya Yug: Mughal Parba (History of the Medieval India: Sultanate and Mughal Period), Dhaka, Protik, 2002
6. Bharat Upamahadesher Itihas, Prachin Yug (History of the Medieval India: Sultanate Period), Dhaka, Protik, 1999

List of Books written by Prof. Dr. A. K. M. Shahnawaz